Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Back Inn Time: St. Albans, Vermont

April, 9th 2007 11:30 P.M.

Investigators Present:

Shane Beyor, Christine Bard, Noreen Beyor, Taylor Williams, and Shanna Bard.

East Side Paranormal's first huge investigation was at the beautiful "Back Inn Time" Bed & Breakfast in St. Albans, Vermont. Built in 1858 by Victor Attwood, the building has seen some rich history. Despite only one man being documented as dying in the building, patrons claim to see an older woman. The man who passed was a descendant of Victor Attwood, and the last owner in the family until purchased by the current owners. Besides that it has been claimed by psychics that the land was once used as a site for child slavery. And a shocking possibility of a mentally challenged person being locked in a windowless room. A perfect set-up for a great hunt. We were the third group to go in, after psychics as well. All claiming the building had some sort of "Paranormal Activity". So already we were pumped. Upon our first interview and walkthrough, we had a good feeling that the place would be a score. It had the history, the style, and the lore for a good haunted location.

Right off the bat while we were setting up we were getting EMF activity during our dry runs (Dry runs are a walkthrough with the EMF detector to rule out areas that will be affected by naturally occurring phenomenon) and it was where previous groups had claimed to get spikes, so naturally we were excited. But all this excitement was short-lived, as we found that the EMFs were leaking from a nearby radiator. And under closer inspection of the basement we found that there were many, many leaks of magnetic fields that could be causing these fluctuations.

Many have claimed to have heard voices, noises, or even seen apparitions. And the sad truth is that EMFs or (Electromagnetic Fields) can create these illusions. EMFs do strange things to humans. They can cause paranoia, hallucinations, and sickness. I think that is what we're dealing with at Back Inn Time. The building is old, so there are your noises right there. As far as cold spots, the entire building is very drafty. And finally as said before, the EMFs can cause all the other mentioned anomalies. We reviewed our evidence and came up with nothing, giving us the nail in the coffin to back up our theories. We did have experiences but could soon be explained by scanning for EMFs, or just simple reasoning.

There was also talk of a chair that moved in the "Green Room". We set up motion detectors that were not tripped. Same goes for a claim that a face was seen in the "Attwood Room" another motion detector was placed near, and again was not tripped. So later in the night we had started to loose faith that we were going to have an experience. So we did some last-minute EMF and EVP sweeps and found the same readings, only solidifying our thoughts.

Even though we found nothing and feel we were able to debunk many of the claims and general feelings the house has, we're not saying the building isn't haunted it may very well be. We just didn't find any evidence that night. It's still a beautiful building, and we thank the owners again for allowing us in to investigate. We look forward on possibly doing a follow-up or trying with another group, but for now I think we have to leave the board as EMFs:1 ESP:0.

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