Thursday, May 17, 2007

Highgate Manor: St. Albans, Vermont ( I )

May 15th, 2007 10:00 P.M.

This blog is going to be short because we have evidence that will be pending a re-visit.Before the investigation even began we were stoked to be at the historical "Highgate Manor". With such a rich history, no of us could shake the very good possibility of recording some kind of phenomenon.

From the Highgate Manor website:

"The Highgate Manor was built in 1818 by Captain Steve Keyes along with The Manor Mayfair, which was located directly across the green from the Manor. During the period of the Civil War the Manor was used as a stop on the Underground Railroad with tunnels running from under the house to the river. These tunnels are still in existence today under the Manor. The Keyes family owned the Manor until the year 1870 when the home was sold to Dr. Henry Baxter. As was the custom of the day, Dr. Baxter opened his practice in his home, The Highgate Manor. Bloodstains from his operating table are still visible on the wood floor in what is now the Library. It was during this time that the legend of the Highgate Manor started to grow. Many of Dr. Baxter's children did not live past the age of ten and died of strange illnesses. The town's people believed that the good doctor was using his children for experiments and that after their death they have since remained in the house to this day. Al Capone as well as many other high profile dignitaries frequented the Manor Estate and its speakeasy hidden in a cave beneath The Manor. The Manor continued as a vacation destination during the 1940s with the cost for a weeks vacation running about $20-$25. During this time Benny Goodman and other stars of the Big Band Era regularly performed in the Manor's ballroom specifically added for this purpose. Unfortunately, on May 22, 1950 part of The Manor's estate, the Manor Mayfair, was destroyed by fire set when a worker started burning leaves to close to the Manor. "

We started our investigation in the speakeasy to do some EVP recordings. During the investigation it really didn't seem as though anything was happening until we began getting aggressive with out questions. At this point an investigator started feeling a cold spot beside her, and another was reading it with a thermal gun. Shortly there after an investigator felt their chair be pulled from under them, luckily it wasn't strong enough to dislodge them. The night continued with ultimately no other sign of paranormal activity. After returning to review the digital audio, investigators found EVPs of what sounds to be a little girl. This is where the blog will be cut short, we have a scheduled re-visit on the 2nd of June.

Then the EVPs will be posted and a final review will be documented.



Please Don't Read This Blog said...

Did you ever go back? This house is currently on the market and my parents are serious about buying it. I am skeptical of the paranormal activity, and I wanted to know if this was the only thing that happened. Although I am only thirteen, I still would like to know. Maybe if your not aggressive and always nice the "spirits" Will not harm you (or me I guess). Thank you for reading.

Sarah LaBrie said...

Hello. My name is Sarah LaBrie. I am formally from vermont and have investigated at the Highgate Manor over 300 times. I now live in Florida and am part of the Paranormal Hot Squad. I have been chosen to be on My Ghost Story in July and I want to do my story on the manor. Unfortunatley since I have moved, I lost almost all of my evidence from the manor. I was wondering if you have any videos or audios you would care to share on my ghost well as be on the show with me. please get back to me ASAP!